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Self Disclosure and Personal Experience August 9, 2008

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The small group communication class we are reading from has a lot of examples of self disclosure in a lot of postings. Self disclosure is important in this type of class because it makes the group more comfortable to communicate with each other. I began by clicking on the “why are you writing sideways” link where I found a blogpost by chocolatemilk. Chocolate milk wrote how love has more than one meaning and gave personal examples of how he/she felt when saying “love” in different contexts such as face to face or over the phone. This led me to click on a link to Samesies20’s blogpost where they also used self disclosure and experience to explain their feeling about the use of the word love. I then found a link to churchofgoogle’s blog about hippies. Churchofgoogle told the world how he/she felt about hippies and what they thought of hippies which was cool and I then clicked on Baldis cultural analysis in Steph’s comment to churchofgoogle.

While Baldi’s entry about hippies I did not read, I stumbled upon Jia’s description of shame below Baldi’s entry. While shame was felt when grades were distributed he/she “disclosed” theirself the result of his/her feeling shame was his/her mother helping with schoolwork and in the end getting better grades. A good example of telling a story and making it easy and relateable through experience. Also, Jia was not afraid to express to the class that he/she did in fact get bad grades once. Lastly I went to the assignment page for the page where I had clicked on Baldi’s cultural analysis. The assignment page reads “How Words Create Reality”. We are in a completely online environment and therefore we need to create a real feeling of IPC using only typed words. Self disclosure and experiences are the most effective ways to make the words real or rather to paint a picture of what you are trying to say. I have decided that self disclosure stems from personal experience because stories of personal experience almost need self disclosure in order to come across in a manner that makes sense to everyone else. Also, in a class such as the small group communication class that these postings are from I believe that self disclosure is the gateway to quality small group discussion. Seeing as that is what we are doing right now in our class, maybe self disclosure would be a good topic to select. While it may not be THE topic we select we will find examples of it while researching whatever topic we do finally decide on.


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